Current TV Planning Broadband Channels


Current TV, a pioneering effort in user-generated content initiated by
“internet inventor” and erstwhile presidential candidate (some claim

elected) Al Gore, will be launching several broadband channels.

Current TV’s expansion with new broadband channels – believed to be
ad-supported – will focus on topics that appeal to its 18-to-34 target
demo, writes
MediaPost. Programming will consist of what Current calls
“viewer-created content” (VC2) dealing with cars, travel, action
sports, health and games. The network, now in some 30 million homes,
offers content one-third of which is user-generated.

Current will apparently not go on record, but details of the effort are being deduced from job postings on Current’s

and elsewhere online, describing “specific channels for aficionados of
original content, tailor made by and for those who watch it.”Current has since led the industry in the commercialization of that concept, writes
the San Francisco Chronicle, adding that half of Toyota and Sony
commercials on Current are made by the people who watch them. The
article says Current is trying to position itself as the thinking
person’s YouTube – “a premium offering” where the best of
user-generated content end up on TV.

Content creators submit pieces to Current’s site, where viewers
comment on them and vote on whether to “green-light” them to the
airwaves. Current then airs the best among them on TV.


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