MySpace, Facebook Point Way for Jeep Compass


Jeep has launched an interactive campaign for a concert series
promoting its smallish SUV, and it’s relying heavily on MySpace and
Facebook.DaimlerChrysler’s Jeep is next week launching a nationwide concert
series (“Uncharted: The Jeep Compass Music Tour”) to promote the launch
of the 2007 Jeep Compass, which is aimed at young adults – and it’s
relying on MySpace an Facebook to get its message to the right
audience, reports
AdWeek. Instead of trying to drive that audience to or a
separate tour site, Jeep agency Organic decided “to fish where the fish
are,” according to Chuck Sullivan, group director and engagement
manager at Organic, part of Omnicom Group.

There’s now a MySpace Jeep page,
where fans can add Jeep as a “friend” to receive information on
concerts in their areas. Jeep has a similar profile page on Facebook.
Concert updates are sent to friends’ pages or via text message.

Jeep will use banner ads on MySpace and Facebook to drive traffic to the Jeep profile pages.

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