Best of the Web 2006


are your must-bookmark sites? We invited readers to
vote for their favorite sites and tools in 23 categories, organized
into four groups: Information Overload, Money Matters, Not at Work, and
Do-It-Yourself Web.

We also surveyed and magazine staff. Here’s a
sampling of our favorites in cases where a site received multiple
votes. For General News, we favor Google News, and when it comes to
Tech News, several of us put CNET first. Money matters to us, too,
apparently. In the Buying, Selling category, Craigslist snared the most
votes; under Finance, we put Yahoo Finance at the top. As for
entertainment, we go to the Web for that, too. Our favorite music site
is iTunes, and when we want to catch a clip, YouTube is our tube.

Readers heeded the call in large numbers. We’ve tallied the
results, removing duplicate votes from the same IP address. The tables
rank the winning sites in each category, with the top vote-getter
listed at the top and write-ins indicated with an asterisk.

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