Top 10 online video mistakes


Experimenting with an in-house project

Did you know that a visitor to your website gets a first impression within two-tenths of a second? Despite the inclination to test the waters with online video by producing it in-house to save money, it’s important to remember that all content is not created equal.

The consequences of a poor online video experience are significant. According to PEW International, 62 percent of online video viewers say that their favorite videos are those that are professionally produced. Jupiter Research also found that more than 25 percent of online video users would be less likely to visit a website again if they initially had a poor viewing experience.

Creating good video is an art form, and with video, as with print, you’ll want to present the best possible image of your company or brand. A professional producer can help you storyboard your program, then capture and implement the media assets in an engaging way that creates impact.

There is also a natural inclination to use corporate executives in your video programming — despite their lack of training and experience with on-camera presentations — because of their expertise on a topic. Extemporaneous dialogue is difficult to deliver in front of a camera and can feel very dry and unnatural, making for an awkward presentation that can’t hold the viewer’s attention.

First impressions are lasting ones, so choose your presenter wisely. Consider using a trainer for your executive, or hiring a professional actor who will prepare and present your message in an effective and compelling way.


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