Find the right social network for your brand


iMedia Connection

By Jere Doyle

Learn how to narrow the social network field and target the right prospects by partnering with lead generation providers.

Social networking sites captured headlines in 2007 for their tremendous popularity among consumers of all ages — and as an emerging channel for leading brands to reach niche communities with highly targeted ads and offers.

Indeed, the advertising industry began to wake up to the fact that social media is simply another form of publishing. Whether print, online or broadcast, the ad-supported model is how media is brought to the masses, and consumers are accustomed to advertising regardless of the format.

Research shows, in fact, that consumers are not just tolerant of advertising in online environments — they want to be marketed to as long as ads and offers are targeted to their interests and specific preferences.

There are a wide range of social networking sites eager for the right types of ads and offers for their audiences, and as the research shows, consumers welcome ads and offers that match their passions and interests. The challenge is for marketers to find the right social networking sites for their brands.

As a result, online lead generation providers, banner networks and advertising agencies have begun to make it their business to help consumer brand marketers identify the audiences that best match their brand, in addition to the types of ads and offers to engage consumers without disrupting their online experience — and will deliver a return on marketing investment.

Better targeting, transparency and explicit opt-in approaches improve consumer receptivity to ads in social networking environments and online lead generation providers provide the solutions to help brand marketers achieve this level of sophistication in their campaigns.

How? Online lead generation providers have already done the legwork by establishing relationships with reputable social networking publishers and designing specific programs for connecting them with the ads and offers from top brands consumers want. These programs will ensure that social networking publishers get your ads and offers up and running quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Many lead generation providers also offer pay-for-performance campaigns, meaning that you only pay for qualified leads. This added assurance minimizes your risk, which is very important for many consumer brand marketers who are eager to test the waters in this important and rapidly emerging medium of advertising on social networking sites.

A solid, strategic online lead generation program can provide the following benefits to consumer brand marketers seeking to reach highly engaged consumers who are members of niche social networking sites:  

  • Find the right social network sites that match your consumer’s target demographic.
  • Expose your brand to communities of likeminded individuals who can share your ads and offers with their network of friends and associates.
  • And most importantly — build a database of consumers who explicitly opt-in to hear from you, are enthusiastic about your brand and products, and eager to maintain an ongoing relationship through the valuable information, discounts and offers you provide.

Consumer brand marketers have already embraced online lead generation to help them build strong relationships with thousands of consumers on a one-to-one basis through traditional online channels. Social networking, hailed in the past few years as an entirely new form of media, is now becoming accepted as simply another way of publishing and sharing information on the internet. Now online lead generation providers are applying their successful programs and technologies to help consumer brand marketers reach these valuable niche audiences.

Each day, there are new social networking sites launching to address the unique interests of niche groups of consumers. The opportunities are growing, and leading online lead generation providers can help consumer brand marketers sort through the clutter and find the communities that will help build their brands and build more profitable long-term relationships with individual consumers. 


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