Top 10 US Social-Network and Blog-Site Rankings Issued for Feb.


Marketing VOX

Though again atop the rankings of US social-networking sites,‘s audience grew just 4 percent in February from Feb. ’07.

Meanwhile, second-place Facebook‘s more than doubled, growing 102 percent year over year, according to custom lists compiled by Nielsen Online, MarketingCharts reports.

LinkedIn increased its unique audience 271 percent year over year, reaching 7.4 million in Feb., compared with 2.0 million a year earlier – and challenging fourth-place Windows Live Spaces.

nielsen-online-top-10-social-networking-sites-us-february-2008.jpgMySpace’s unique audience totaled 55.4 million in February, more than double Facebook’s 20.0 million.

Top Blogger Sites

Google‘s Blogger remained atop the blog site rankings with 37.2 million unique visitors, up from 23.6 million in Feb. ’07 – or a growth of 58 percent. nielsen-online-top-10-blog-sites-us-february-2008.jpgWordPress was up an impressive 209 percent year over year, increasing its unique audience to 16.5 million.

Fifth-place’s growth was also impressive: Its unique audience grew from 1.1 million in Feb. ’07 to more than 3.7 million – or 241 percent.


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