Spot Satellite Messenger Gizmo



x marks the spot!

Travel correspondence has come a long way.

Then: “Wish you were here” postcards.
Now: Facebooking from Finland, IMing in India, blogging in Barbados.

With Spot, the world’s first satellite messenger, the future is upon us. The PDA-size device lets you apprise friends of every adventurous step you take — no matter how far you roam from an Internet cafe or cell tower. Whether you’re sunbathing in Seychelles or wilding in the wilderness, one push of a button sends an e-mail or text to your crew, complete with a note and a Google map link to your location.

And should you find yourself in a bind, another button sends your whereabouts to rescue folks, making Spot the perfect travel companion: small, silent, and at your service.

To make your friends extra jealous, the little guy can even track your progress continuously for 24 hours. Really, everyone back home wants nothing more than to follow your Turkish island meanderings online in real time.

So you can leave your laptop without losing your lifeline.

And spend your stamp money on souvenirs.

Available online at


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