Can Prepared Cocktails Take Share from Beer?


Brew Blog

Diageo has high hopes for lineup.

Spirits growth has cooled as the economy has slowed and people increasingly stay at home rather than go out.

That trend, some observers suggest, should help beer.

In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, Diageo CEO Ivan Menezes acknowledges seeing “a slight shift from going out to at-home consumption.” He adds Diageo is well positioned to capitalize on at-home consumption.

One way Diageo hopes to get sales from people who are staying away from clubs in favor of staying home: prepared cocktails.

From the story:

A space we’re very excited about is our premium prepared cocktails, like the Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita with Grand Marnier and line of cocktails under Smirnoff, the Vodka Mojito and a Cosmopolitan. Our products in these lines are designed to beat the freshly prepared cocktails at leading bars in New York and Miami. Typically when consumers go out, you tend to order more cocktails than you do when you’re at home. When you’re at home, your default tends to be beer and wine. We see a real space, much like high-quality prepared foods, to really deliver high-quality prepared cocktails for the consumer at home, for entertaining as well as for just a wind-down evening at home.

The Miami Herald story can be seen here.

Brew Blog has covered Diageo’s prepared cocktails here, here and here.



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