Canny Moves By Craft Brewers


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New Belgium adding canning line.

Coming this summer: Fat Tire in a can.

New Belgium Brewing Co. is the latest craft brewer to start offering its flagship beer in a can. A big reason for doing so: Cans can go into places that bottles can’t. From New Belgium’s press release:

“Introducing cans was a natural choice given that they are outdoor-friendly, light for transport and readily recyclable,” said Bryan Simpson, spokesperson for New Belgium. “In addition to the lighter carbon footprint, Fat Tire can now travel to places where glass is not an option.”

As Beer Business Daily notes, “Canned craft beer has long been a controversy: does it hurt the brand equity or not?”

Advocates of canned craft beer argue that cans, besides being allowable in more spaces, also protect the beer from light and oxygen. And linings in today’s cans protect the taste.

And as craft brewer’s grow, they will need to find new ways of expanding distribution and reach. Cans are a way to do that.

A growing number of craft brewers, including Oskar Blues Brewery, Surly Brewing Company and 21st Amendment have offered beers in cans. The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, which is owned by Miller Brewing Company, markets Leinenkugel’s Original, Light, Honey Weiss and Berry Weiss in cans.

Will New Belgium’s move inspire others to follow suit?

Here is the press release from New Belgium.

An AP story can be seen here.

The Beer Business Daily home page is here.

The Brookston Beer Bulletin last summer had a story about a canned craft beer dinner.



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