Coors to Expand Blue Moon


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Pale ale in the pipeline.

After successfully adding a full portfolio of Blue Moon seasonals, Coors Brewing Company is poised to add another line extension.

Coors is getting ready to add a pale ale — called Pale Moon — to the family.

From Beer Business Daily, which was covering Coors’ distributor conference:

Lastly, Blue Moon is getting a baby brother, Pale Moon (a pale ale). Pale Moon will launch in several test cities next month and rollout nationally in 2009 if all goes well.

According to a label approved by federal regulators, Pale Moon is billed as a “Belgian-style pale ale.”

“Pale Moon is a drinkable pale ale that has a distinctive hop aroma, without the lingering aftertaste,” the label says. “This Belgian-Style Pale Ale is brewed with European malts, cascade hops and a touch of hibiscus and orange peel. Thse ingredients create a rich copper colored ale with a flavor complexity that one would expect from the Blue Moon Brewing Company.”

In other news from the conference, BBD reported that Chief Marketing Officer Andy England said Coors anticipates selling more than 1 million barrels of Blue Moon in 2008. It also will add 22-ounce bottles and 12-packs of seasonals.

Also at the conference, Coors CEO Peter Swinburn laid out aggressive plans for Coors Light in 2008. New packaging innovation is on tap with vented cans. From the story:

One of Coors biggest goals is to help Coors Light improve in the on-premise in 2008, and grow 5%. “Nothing is more important to us than on-premise success with Coors Light…we plan to do better on 2008,” said Andy.

BBD’s home page is here.

The Pale Moon label image can be seen here.

The label application can be seen here.

A press release discussing Coors’ new advertising is here.



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