Corona Preparing for May 5 Showdown


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New advertising, promotions on tap.

Coming off its first down year in more than a decade and facing a new challenger from Anheuser-Busch, Corona Extra is gearing up for a critical Cinco de Mayo holiday.

Brandweek has the details about Crown Imports’ efforts behind the brand, which include a new Cinco de Mayo TV commercial as well as radio support, countdown calendars in bars and nightclubs and “themed online invitation templates on”

Corona is facing challenges as it heads into the holiday season. From Brandweek:

Corona Extra shipments declined 0.8% last year after growing steadily since 1991, per Beer Marketer’s Insights, West Nyack, N.Y. The slump continued into the first quarter where case sales—in supermarkets, c-stores and drug stores—declined 5.9% for the 52-weeks ended Feb. 23, compared to the year-ago period, per Nielsen. However, Corona Light’s case volume increased 3.2%, while imported beer sales overall slipped 0.8%. Measured media spending in the U.S. last year was $60 million for Corona Extra and $9 million for Corona Light (excluding online), per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Corona faces fresh competition this Cinco de Mayo as A-B prepares to roll out Bud Light Lime. Again, from Brandweek:

Anheuser-Busch will try to crash the party with its own $35 million TV and out-of-home campaign for Bud Light Lime. The beer, flavored with real lime juice, will be available at retailers next month. The brewer is giving its wholesaler network the flexibility to pick accounts in territories where the new product would be a good fit. A-B has been airing teaser spots from DDB, Chicago, for the new product since the NCAA basketball tournament telecasts.

Miller Brewing Company, meanwhile, has told its distributors it’s prepared for the new A-B onslaught. As described at the brewer’s meeting earlier this month, Miller has new advertising, packaging and promotional efforts to support Miller Chill.

Speaking at the meeting, Sharon McLenahan, director of emerging brands for Miller, said: “We created a new category, we sold half a million barrels in less than a year, we have the industry leader scrambling to play catch-up, and we have a marketing plan that will build on the strong foundation we’ve laid for Miller Chill. We all know this brand has the potential to be a major factor in the U.S. beer industry for years to come.”

Here’s the Brandweek story about Corona’s marketing plans.

Here’s Brew Magazine’s previous coverage of the Cinco de Mayo showdown.



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