Smaller Imports Driving Growth


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Heineken, Corona families are flat.

After a long stretch of flat or declining performance in supermarkets, imports are showing signs of growth again.

No thanks, however, to the two megabrands — Corona Extra and Heineken — that have driven the groups’ growth for years.

Import sales in supermarkets increased by 0.2 points during the four weeks ended April 19, according to beer sales statistics from Nielsen. That translates to a 30,000 case increase over the year-earlier period.

During the four-week period, the Heineken franchise (Heineken and Heineken Premium Light) was up 1,000 cases, according to Nielsen’s beer market analysis. The Corona family was down 12,000 cases.

So where’d the growth come from? It came from these brands, all of which added 0.1 points of share:

1. Modelo Especial
2. Tecate
3. Stella Artois

Note that Modelo Especial (the No. 3 import) is handled by Crown Imports, which handles Corona and other Grupo Modelo brands, and Tecate (the No. 4 import) is handled by Heineken USA. Anheuser-Busch, meanwhile, markets Stella Artois (the No. 10 import).

Corona and Heineken represent nearly half of imported beer sales in the country. But as these latest supermarket numbers show, smaller brands are coming on.

The February 2008 issue of Brew Magazine took an in-depth look at how smaller imports are becoming a bigger force. Here’s a story looking at these rising imports.

The whole issue can be seen here.

If you would like a subscription to Brew Magazine, please drop a line with your name and mailing address (it’s a print publication) here.



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