Top Heineken Marketer Leaving Post


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Was driver of Heineken Premium Light, mini keg, other initiatives.

The Heineken USA executive who launched Heineken Premium Light, the mini keg and other innovations is leaving his post, Brandweek reports.

Andy Glaser, the vice president of marketing for Heineken, is taking a new position and will report to Heineken USA President and CEO Dan Blaustein. His new title was not determined.

From the Brandweek report:

The management change follows the resignation announced last September of former president and CEO Andy Thomas. Historically, Heineken’s stateside operation has had tensions with its Dutch headquarters regarding autonomy ever since the days when the import was handled by the Van Munching family until 1991.

[Heineken USA Director of Corporate Communications Tamara] Moore said Glaser’s role change is unrelated to Thomas’ departure. However, sources close to the company contended the fallout is at least partially due to a corporate clash between Heineken USA’s former chief exec and Massimo von Wunster, who has been regional president of Heineken Americas since October 2005 and served in senior positions for Heineken’s European operations since 1995.

The article quotes Moore on Glaser’s impact:

“We had tremendous success under his leadership,” said Moore. “He launched Heineken Premium Light. He oversaw the launch of the five-liter Draught Keg, the clear plastic label, the 18-pack and new secondary packaging. So he really drove innovation and growth for the brand.”

The Brandweek story can be seen here.

Brew Blog last week noted that, as Corona struggles, innovation has helped Heineken.



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