by Website where you can quickly browse coupons, choose the ones you want and have them stored on your participating grocery store’s loyalty card with a simple click.  At checkout, just swipe your grocery store loyalty card like you normally do and voila! Your coupons will be redeemed.


Iron Man Movie Site: The studio’s latest film site offers fan art, downloads, widgets, and more.


Walmart Campaign for Op brand: For their Op brand, Wal-Mart hired a few faces that you may recall from your idle TV-watching days, among them Kristen Cavalieri from Laguna Beach and Wilmer Valderrama from That 70s Show. Visit the Op microsite to read up on the “dudes” and “chics” and download crap for Facebook, MySpace, etc.


Purex T-Shirt Contest: Purex has launched a green t-shirt contest where entrants can create their own “eco-friendly” slogans for the chance to win a Mercedes for two, $1,000 prizes and free Purex.


Beer Yellow pages for finding beer in New York City.


Barbarian Group Website: Barbarian Group has crafted their site to include employee blogs as well as the usual agency website stuff such as portfolio, capabilities and jobs section.


Teroforma: The site makes a table the centerpiece of the shopping experience. Visitors shop by types of tableware, materials used or finishes. The table becomes an assembly line of selected products; clicking on something brings the product off the table and closer to the buyer.


Moby MySpace: Moby is launching a contest for his new album where entrants are competing for control of the guestlist for Moby’s entire UK launch party. Each entrants has to “fill the place with 1500 mates.” To flood the house, UK players get friends to MMS 63333 with a unique guestlist ID. Back on the website, your audience swells with each text. Five entrants will be awarded tickets for punting the fete in the most original way.


Lexus: Site utilizes videos of the car driving to make this standard car brand site anything BUT standard.


Starbucks: Create your customize coffee by picking aroma, acidity, body, roast, and flavor.  Starbucks then suggests which of their coffees is right for you.



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