Email Opt-in, Opt-out Processes Not Quite There Yet


Marketing VOX News

When obtaining permission to send emails, 31 percent of marketers use a confirmed opt-in method (double opt-in), said eROI’s “The Cradle & The Grave” survey.

The study covers marketers’ email subscribe and unsubscribe processes, MarketingCharts reports.

These processes are improving but have yet to reach “exceptional” levels, eROI said.

Key findings of the survey of 500 email marketers:


  • Only about 31 percent of respondents say they use confirmed opt-in.



  • Of those that do, only 4 percent provide more than 10 ways for someone to opt in, whereas three-quarters provide just 1-3 ways.
  • As incentives for opting in, marketers tend to provide offers with perceived high value and low cost to them:
    • 88 percent offer newsletter subscription
    • 29 percent offer access to preferred content
    • 24 percent offer discounts/coupons
    • 22 percent offer some kind of contest
    • One-third of marketers do no segmenting at opt-in.


    • 30 percent of marketers don’t pass along opt-in names to other systems (e.g., CRM)
    • 65 percent don’t pass along subscribers opt-outs to other systems.
    • Among third-party apps, CRM systems lead the way in receiving opt-in/out information:



    • After an opt-out occurs, over one-third of email marketers send a confirmation email.
    • Almost 90 percent of email marketers do not survey unsubscribers at the time of opt-out, whereas such surveys can provide invaluable insight about the reasons for opting out.

    Feedback Loop

    • Nearly one-quarter of email marketers don’t know what’s done with abuse complaints received via their email service provider or internet service providers (feedback loop).
    • Only about half of email marketers monitor feedback loops.

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