Sam Adams Flagship Slips in Supers


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Seasonals roll.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Sam Adams Light have been lagging in supermarkets even as Sam Adams seasonals are on a roll.

Boston Beer’s share in supermarkets was flat during the four weeks ended April 19 as case volume increased by just shy of 9,000 cases, according to beer sales statistics from Nielsen.

That’s despite Sam Adams seasonals gaining 14,583 cases in volume over the year-earlier period, according to Nielsen. Sam Adams’ new Irish Red Ale added another 3,484 cases.

The problem: Sam Adams Boston Lager and Sam Adams Light together lost 14,224 cases in volume (Boston Lager down 10,357 cases, Sam Adams Light down 3,867).

During the 13 week period, Boston Beer gained 0.1 points of share, which translates to a 125,806 case increase. Sam Adams Light lost volume (down 2,496 cases) and Sam Adam Boston Lager added 11,723 cases. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Ale added 10,980 cases and Irish Red Ale sold 9,965 cases.

Seasonals, meanwhile added 56,270 cases — or 44.7 percent of the total increase. The rest came from variety packs and a wide variety of flavors.

For 2007, the Sam Adams franchise added 857,735 cases in supermarkets, according to beer markety analysis by Nielsen. Seasonals represented 38.7 percent of that increase, variety packs represented 21.8 percent, Sam Adams Boston Lager represented 14.1 percent and Sam Adams Light accounted for 7.8 percent, according to Nielsen.



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