April US Social Networking Traffic Down 16% from ’07


Marketing VOX

The market share of April US visits to a custom category of 57 of the leading social-networking websites increased 3 percent from March – but was down 16 percent from April 2007, Hitwise reports – via MarketingCharts. MySpace.com led in traffic, receiving 73.82 percent of the market share of US visits in April.


  • Facebook ranked second by the market share of visits, with 14.80 percent, followed by MyYearbook, which received 1.33 percent.
  • US traffic to MySpace and Bebo, among the top 5, decreased 5 percent and 13 percent, respectively, compared with April 2007.
  • MyYearbook had the largest gain in market share in April 2008, increasing 475 percent compared with April 2007.
  • Facebook and BlackPlanet followed, increasing 32 and 15 percent, respectively.

New and Returning Visitors


  • Among the top five social networking websites by market share, MySpace received 95 percent of its visits from returning visitors in April.
  • Facebook and MyYearbook.com followed with 93 percent and 90 percent, respectively, of traffic returning from within the previous 30 days.

Time Spent on Network


  • In April, the average time spent among all social networking websites increased 73 percent compared with April 2007.
  • Among the top five most-visited websites, MyYearbook led with users spending an average of 32 minutes and 54 seconds on the website.
  • Facebook had the largest growth in average time spent, increasing 57 percent in April 2008, to 20 minutes and 52 seconds, from 13 minutes and 19 seconds in April 2007.

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