DVR Owners – Moms Especially – Still Don’t Pay Attention to Ads


Marketing VOX

DVR owners say they generally ignore commercials on TV and the web, but tend to watch more TV than viewers on average.

American mothers may be the biggest ad-skippers, according to a couple of new surveys, MarketingCharts writes (via Adweek).

About 35 percent of DVR owners say they at least occasionally pay attention to ads on TV, but only 9 percent of them say so about ads viewed online, a survey of 500 online consumers by Google’s DoubleClick Performics found. Half say they “always” fast-forward through commercials.

Moms apparently pay even less attention that most: More than 9 in 10 American moms – 91 percent – report not watching commercials when watching programs via their DVRs, according to a MindShare survey of some 600 online moms’ media usage.

Half of DVR owners say they’ve watched at least one TV program online, and some 22 percent say they are willing to watch more TV programming online, according to Performics; however, just 8 percent say they’ve viewed programming monthly – and 4 percent say weekly.

Three of the top 5 information sources for online moms are online, MindShare found: internet news and research (first); email (third) and internet transactions (fifth); talking to friends and family is second, and the daily newspaper is fourth.

MarketingCharts has more tidbits from both surveys.


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