HPL to Get “a Boatload of Money”


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Targeting 1 million people for sampling.

Heineken USA is planning a big push to drive trial of Heineken Premium Light and close distribution gaps with Heineken, reports the May 19 orange sheet edition of Beer Marketer’s Insights.

From the issue:

HUSA will be “spending a boatload of money” on HPL “generating trial” including over 5300 on-premise events, said sr veep mktg Ken Kunze. Aims to sample 1 mill people over coming mos. Turns out only 50% even aware of HPL, only 3% of households have tried it. But a significant majority of those who try HPL are repeat customers.

BMI quotes Chris Steffanci, Heineken USA’s senior vice president of sales, as saying that HPL is still in “launch” phase and its distribution level is not close to Heineken’s. Thus, closing gaps represents an opportunity.

Heineken Premium Light grew by 20 percent to 695,000 barrels last year, making it the eighth biggest import, according to figures from BMI. That’s impressive, but Heineken acknowledged last year the performance fell short of its bullish goals.

In other Heineken USA news, as reported by BMI:

— Newcastle Brown Ale to be integrated no later than Sept. 1.
— The flagship Heineken brand still awaiting a new ad campaign.
— Dos Equis, which is growing at a more than 20 percent clip, will be getting more ad money.
— Heineken USA has revamped its sales structure, bolstering national accounts team and category management.

The BMI home page is here.

Here’s Brew Blog’s previous coverage of HPL falling short of bullish expectations




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