InBev European Imports Up 17 Percent


Brew Blog

Led by Stella Artois.

The United States was a bright spot for InBev during a rough first quarter.

European imports, led by Stella Artois, grew by 17 percent during the quarter, InBev reported. That strong performance drove a 2.9 percent increase in volume for North America.

(Canada, where InBev markets Labatt, represents two-thirds of its North American volume and grew by 1.6 percent).

Anheuser-Busch started handling InBev’s European brands last year. Recall that imports helped minimize A-B’s decline in sales-to-retailers during the first quarter and drove the increase in shipments.

Worldwide, Stella Artois volume grew by 7.2 percent, thanks to higher volumes in the United Kingdom, the United States and Argentina. Beck’s grew by 0.7 percent worldwide.

InBev’s earnings fell by a greater-than-expected 11 percent during the first quarter amid rising costs and soft performance in Brazil.

Here’s InBev’s earnings release.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of InBev’s earnings.

Here’s Brew Blog’s coverage of A-B’s earnings.

Beer Marketer’s Insights (subscription required) has more on InBev’s earnings.



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