InBev Preparing A-B Bid, Report Says


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$46 billion takeover approach in works, says report.

The Financial Times’ Alphaville column is reporting that InBev is preparing a $46 billion takeover approach for Anheuser-Busch.

From the report:

The deal is being billed as a “transformational” move by those executives and bankers involved, and is likely to herald the long-awaited end-game in global drinks industry consolidation. InBev’s aim is to create the fifth largest consumer products group in the world.

A direct approach to approach to Anheuser chief executive August Busch IV is being planned, although expecting a cool reception, the InBev team are preparing to send a follow up letter to the American group’s entire board, mapping out terms that are expected to be pitched at $65 a share. If Anheuser refuse to commence friendly talks, InBev is considering a public appeal direct to the target’s shareholders.

On Friday, sources indicated that while extensive work had been carried out on the transaction, InBev was “not about to push the button.”

The story can be seen here.



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