Miller Chill Gains Share in Supers


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Sales rise along with temperature.

One of Miller Brewing Company’s priorities for the summer selling season is building Miller Chill.

It’s going to be a long summer — particularly as Anheuser-Busch ramps up efforts behind Bud Light Lime. But Miller’s initial efforts, which include new packaging and pushes in the on- and off-premise alike, appear to be working.

Miller Chill held 0.3 percent volume share for the four weeks ended April 26, according to beer sales statistics. That’s up 0.1 points from the four-week period ended March 29.

Demonstrating that it superpremium positioning remains solid, Miller Chill’s dollar share increased by 0.1 points to 0.4 percent.

Meanwhile, total distribution points — a measure that Nielsen uses to track breadth of distribution — showed a sequential increase of 7.7 percent, according to Nielsen. And the average number of items carried increased by 7.4 percent.

Also telling: The two original packages — the 6-pack and 12-pack bottles — are on Nielsen’s list of top 25 growth items (12-pack at No. 8 and 6-pack at No. 14) in supermarkets for the year-to-date through April 26.

Meanwhile, in the off premise, Miller has been driving placements for the new 12-ounce can and gaining Miller Chill displays.

On-premise, the Miller system has secured features and promotions as well as placements of the Miller Chill aluminum bottle.




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