Miller Eyeing Expanded Rollout of MGD 64


Brew Blog

Outperforming in test markets.

Based on MGD 64’s success in test markets, Miller Brewing Company “will seek to roll it out just as fast as we can,” CEO Tom Long said Thursday in a teleconference.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

MGD 64 has performed better than expected in recent test marketing, and it could end up as a national brand sooner rather than later, Miller Brewing President Tom Long said Thursday.

“We will seek to roll it out just as fast as we can,” Long said during a teleconference discussing financial results posted by London-based SABMiller PLC, Miller Brewing’s corporate parent.

“We’ve really been surprised by the health and growth of MGD 64,” Long said.

Indeed, distributors interviewed by Brew Blog said it has been selling through well at both on- and off-premise accounts. In some markets it has helped Miller Genuine Draft.

From the story:

Long said MGD 64 also has helped spur interest in Genuine Draft, which has seen slumping sales for several years. Bringing MGD 64 to areas where Genuine Draft has only a scant presence would effectively amount to a launch of the Genuine Draft franchise for those markets, he said.

MGD 64 also has been bringing consumers to the beer category:

Meanwhile, MGD 64 appears to be attracting consumers who have largely avoided beer in favor of other beverages, Long said.

The brand is aimed mainly at health-conscious drinkers, including women, said company spokesman Julian Green. In marketing the brew, Miller has compared its calorie count to other alcoholic drinks, including a 6-ounce glass of red wine, with 128 calories, and a 6.5-ounce margarita, with 246 calories.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story can be seen here.




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