Miller Gets U.S. Rights to Grolsch


Brew Blog

Bolsters Miller’s European import portfolio.

Grolsch and Anheuser-Busch have reached an agreement to transfer the U.S. importing rights for Grolsch to Miller Brewing Company from A-B, A-B and SABMiller plc announced today.

“We are pleased to acquire the U.S. rights to Grolsch, which is a terrific brand steeped in nearly 400 years of heritage,” said Miller CEO Tom Long. “With Peroni, Pilsner Urquell and now Grolsch, we will offer some of the best European beers to our customers and consumers.”

A-B and Miller are working to finalize and close the deal by August 1. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

“A-B was doing a nice job growing Grolsch and we hope to build on their success,” says Tom Cardella, executive vice president of sales and distribution for Miller. “Grolsch is a great-tasting beer with an upscale image and nearly 400 years of heritage behind it, so there’s a lot to work with.”

The addition of Grolsch gives Miller a well-rounded and differentiated portfolio of European imports.

“Peroni is all about Italian style, sophistication and fashion,” Cardella says. “Pilsner is the true beer aficionado’s beer and we believe Grolsch is a sessionable import that can compete very well with likes of Heineken. We do think there is a differentiated platform for each of these brands.”




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