What Makes Coors Run?


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Consistency, says Ad Age.

Today’s issue of Advertising Age has a story looking at Coors Brewing Company’s success in driving growth for its four core brands — Coors Light, Coors Original, Keystone Light and Blue Moon.

The secret: a consistent message and a focus on the beer.

The story points out that Coors learned this the hard way as Coors Light sales dropped a few years ago while it ran the “Rock On” campaign.

From the story:

Coors’ consistent messaging borders on maddening: Every ad harps on cold refreshment, invoking the brand’s cold-filtered origins (they call it “sterile filtered”) and Rocky Mountain roots. Beyond the ads, a constant stream of innovations touts special tap handles that pour beer below freezing temperatures; labels that turn blue when the beer is cold enough to drink; frost-lined cans; and a lined 12-pack case that holds ice. It’s hard to miss the point.

The story can be seen here.




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