Will Bud Light Lime Squeeze Bud Light?


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Bud Light loses share in supers.

As expected, the Anheuser-Busch system has done a phenomenal job of bringing Bud Light Lime to market.

Bud Light Lime has sold in stores that account for 77 percent of supermarket sales in its first three weeks, according to beer market analysis by Nielsen.

Bud Light Lime’s volume share stood at 0.9 percent and its dollar share at 1.2 percent in supermarkets during the week ended May 10, according to beer sales statistics from Nielsen.

Miller Chill, meanwhile, continued it build sequentially. Its volume share stood at 0.4 percent and its dollar share at 0.5 percent for the week period.

One question for A-B is to what extent Bud Light Lime will cannibalize Bud Light. Bud Light saw its volume share slip by 0.5 points during the week (it slipped by 0.1 points for the four-week period).

This could be coincidence. But it’s also possible that up to half of Bud Light Lime’s volume came from Bud Light.

Now, Bud Light Lime is a trade up from Bud Light. But it can be problematic for flagship brands if consumers wander away to try something else. Because they can wander farther afield and don’t always return.




One Response to “Will Bud Light Lime Squeeze Bud Light?”

  1. Tim Rueb Says:

    Yes, it will. When has an extension ever been launched and not affected or stole market share from the original brand? They would be better off creating a new brand that targets a competitor’s use of extension, because the competitor’s use of extension will weaken their brand, and create a smaller market to dominate with the new brand.

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