12-Packs Soft in Supers


Brew Blog

Bottle, cans both losing share.

Are 12 packs losing their popularity with consumers?

That seems to be the case as both 12-pack cans and 12-pack bottles are underperforming in supermarkets, according to beer market analysis by Nielsen.

Bottle 12-packs — the biggest single part of the bottle market — have lost 0.7 share points for the year-to-date through May 24, according to Nielsen. Cans also have lost 0.7 points.

Meanwhile, 24-pack bottles are gaining share. In cans, 30-packs and 36-packs are growing.

Highlighting the softness of 12-packs, only four of the top 20 12-pack items are growing, according to beer sales statistics from Nielsen.

Also, only four of the top 20 items are worthmore products (Corona Extra at No. 1, Heineken at No. 5, Michelob Ultra at No. 7 and Corona Light at No. 12). But more imports and some crafts likely will crack the list within the next year.

The challenge for brewers now is to come up with ways to differentiate their 12-pack offerings in supers.


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