Red-State Shopping Habits are Just as Green as Blue States’


Marketing VOX

Some of the heaviest “green” shopping — that is, purchases made with the environment in mind — occurs in red states like Idaho, Alaska and Utah, reports Advertising Age. In terms of who’s greener, there are no strong differences between red and blue states.

The findings came from Catalina, which used SAS Institute software to gather and analyze “red” (Republican) versus “blue” (Democrat) state shopping data.

Catalina gauges the “greenness” of states by giving each a score on its index. Shoppers are considered green if they purchase multiple products positioned as environmentally friendly or sustainable.

California — considered a “blue-state environmentalist haven” — rated just 85 on the index, where a score of 100 was considered average.

Florida and Oklahoma, in that order, had the lowest scores of all states.

Previous studies found green adults are generally tech-savvy influencers. Nonetheless, environmental marketing messages are often misunderstood. Green marketing also suffers scrutiny from jaded consumers.



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